I am a yoga student, and teacher. I love learning, but only things I'm passionate about. I need adventure like most people need to breathe. I love helping people overcome their fears and live the life of their dreams. I have an identical twin sister and an older sister. I floss my teeth every single night. I am obsessed with houseplants and headstands. I have been to 13 different countries and 5 continents. I love classic rock music. The only thing I'll ever feel guilty about is spending a whole day indoors... Seriously. I eat really healthy most of the time, but will never deprive myself of treats. I drink coffee every morning because I love the taste. I love to snowboard, scuba dive, mountain bike, climb mountains, skydive, chill on the beach... or the couch, star gaze, and eat good food. I love travelling and exploring new places.

I am just a girl who is in love with all that is.