What if I told you that YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEARS. You do not need to be controlled by them, either. Fear is projected onto the mind by negative circumstances from the past. They were created by your mind to protect you from getting hurt the way you were hurt before. But, this inhibits growth, progression, and most importantly... life. Our fears stop us from experiencing SO much that life has to offer.  So why be controlled by them any longer? Thing is, there's no such thing as being fearless. We all have our fears and we always will. Some people have just learned to navigate their fears better and have learned to shift into a more life-enhancing mindset.  

hint: you can do this too! 

Learn from confidence-building, fear-blasting, bad bitches, Audrey and me about how to really let go of all the shit that's holding you back. Oh... and if you're already offended by this post, this retreat might not be for you. I can't compromise on who I am, and it's best if we get to know each other right away. If you're not offended, LET'S GO! There's so much fun waiting for you...

It's time to build some serious stoke. Time to shift into your own confidence. To let go of your limitations.

all things golden is the perfect opportunity for progression + Fun

There really is no better way to wrap up your biking season than this. At the end of the season, your abilities are at their highest and it's a really great time to stoke yourself up and progress so you can start off your next season stronger than ever. Here's what it's about:

All Things Golden is the perfect retreat for Intermediate Riders (comfy on blues, experimenting with blacks) who are looking to end their season on a high note through progression, increasing your comfort level on the bike, sharpening your skills, learning better technique, and most importantly, making new like-minded and equally-badass mountain bikers who share the same passion as you. If I just described you, then I think it's time to book yourself a little holiday.

Need more convincing? Here are the full details:

Dates: September 14-17, 2017

Location: Golden, BC


  • Healthy and delicious meals for the duration of your stay from a Golden Catered chef
  • 3 guided mountain bike rides on Golden’s Moonraker, CBT, and Mount Shadow trail networks
  • Optional one day instructional at Kicking Horse Mountain (bike park pass at an additional cost)
  • Daily meditation and yoga
  • 3 nights accommodation at a luxury mountain home at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  • Super awesome fun times
  • Personal development
  • Massage available upon request

Early Bird Pricing (per person):

  • Single Room: $1,150
  • Double Occupancy: $950
  • Shared Room: $875
  • Local Pricing (no accommodation): $685

*Available until August 1st, afterwards, add $125*

book your spot today

To reserve your spot, we require a non-refundable deposit of $350 payable via Interac E-transfer to info@shredsisters.ca. Other payment methods available upon request. 

If you or a friend wants to join, but doesn't mountain bike, we have a Yoga-Only-Option too. Email me for more details on that at info@jessicapyper.com

Contact info: 

info@jessicapyper.com or info@shredsisters.ca

Contact: info@jessicapyper.com

About Audrey: Audrey has been biking for 13 years and mountain biking for 9 years. Her enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. From teaching spinning classes to mountain bike instruction, her passion will ignite your riding! As a result of her experience teaching women-only bike camps, Audrey decided to focus her energy to support other women in this male-oriented sport. Audrey started with the Dirt Series, co-hosted a mountain bike and yoga retreat in Golden, BC and offered weekly mountain bike courses for women in her first years as a professional mountain bike instructor.

Now, with Shred Sisters, Audrey is teaching mountain biking full-time in the summer and in the winter months she is working in the office. Audrey loves to share her passion and see her clients’ smiles when they accomplished something they didn’t think it was possible.

About me: I started mountain biking when I was 10 years old and oddly enough, I didn't fall in love with the sport right away and for many years, I had stopped riding. It wasn't until I moved to Golden, BC in 2009 that I revisited the sport and became obsessed with it. I started out strictly as a cross-country rider and then began to dabble into Downhill riding in 2015. Now-a-days, I consider myself a Downhill rider, but I still love going for a pedal. Nothing excites me more than sharing my passion with others and encouraging them to progress their riding and so I took the PMBIA course so I could help more people like you.


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