Ashtanga Yoga is an energetic practice that is both dynamic and holistic. Ashtanga is generally a very traditional Indian practice; however, I teach Ashtanga Vinyasa which is a blend between the flow practice of Vinyasa and the straight-edge intensity of Ashtanga. Best of both worlds.  Expect a lot of movement and Sun Salutations. This class is designed to be challenging. The first half is high intensity: sun salutations, standing poses and balance poses while the second half is more seated poses, backbends, and inversions. This class focuses on building heat within the body through movement and breath work and will leave you feeling energized and chill. 

This class is suitable for: Those who are interested in building strength in their practice. Also great for people who need a push or motivation to get inspired.

Time + date: Fridays 9:15-10:30 am 

Location: Golden Lotus (above Element Therapeutics) 802 Park Drive

Price: Drop-ins $17/class or 10x punch cards available for $150

Payment: Cash, cheque, or credit. Email for more details.