A dynamic and challenging class that is also playful and a lot of fun. Expect to strengthen your core and challenge yourself physically and mentally. While this class is designed to create strength and empower you, it is very holistic and I always leave plenty of time for you to wind down and relax at the end. Core strength is SO important for overall health and wellness. Our core is responsible for our determination, willpower, self-confidence and overall zest for life. Having a strong core also makes you a lot less likely to hurt yourself physically.

This class is great for: People of all levels who are interested in building strength in their practice, wishing to live a more fulfilling life, or those seeking yoga as cross-training. 

Time + date: Sunday 10:30-11:45 am 

Location: The deck at Golden Lotus (above Element Therapeutics) 802 Park Drive

Price: Pre-register for 4 weeks $50 or drop-in for $15/class.

Payment: Cash, cheque, credit or e-transfer. Email info@jessicapyper.com for more details.