I'm Jessica Pyper and I'm a teacher, more specifically a yoga teacher. But its not the stretches, strengthening and prevention of illness and injury that keeps me in love with teaching yoga- its the learning to let go, learning to love yourself as you are, and the integration of gratitude and self esteem that i love most about teaching. I am on a journey of 'believing in myself' and I'm constantly proving to myself that I can do things I once thought I'd never ever ever do- like a backflip on a snowboard, or handstand into crow pose, or black diamonds on my mountain bike, or teaching international yoga retreats, or following my dreams. I'm learning that the only thing that's been in my way this whole time is my mind. My mind- built by a collection of failures, injuries, broken hearts, and rejections from the past that has turned possibilities and opportunities into fear. Fear of rejection, fear of getting your heart broken, fear of getting hurt, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough... Sound familiar? The good news is- we don't need that shit. And the better news is- we can overcome it. Through recognition of our deepest fears, facing them, and taking tiny teeny baby steps in their direction, we will overcome them. This is what I love teaching more than anything. I truly believe this is my purpose in life- to help people overcome their fears and live the life of their dreams. If fear is something you feel like is preventing you from reaching your highest potential- let me help you. For free. Email me and I'll give you the best advice I can muster. All because I love you.


Yours truly,