This class is a more chill approach to yoga than my other styles. With a lot less dynamic movement, Yoga for Stress + Anxiety offers more time to relax and unwind, leaving you feeling zen and ready for bed. This class will derive of yoga (asanas), meditation and pranayama. It is suitable for all levels of practitioners, including beginners. This class is available for pre-registration only! After dealing with my fair share of anxiety, I am very excited to assist others in using natural methods to alleviate anxiety and stress.

This class is suitable for: Those who live a stressful lifestyle. People who experience anxiety frequently. Or people who want to learn ways to handle stress better. Its suitable for all people who are interested in the wellbeing of their body and mind. This class is great for everyone, even beginners. No experience required. No advanced postures.

Time + date: Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

Location: Golden Lotus (above Element Therapeutics) 802 Park Drive

Price: Pre-register 9 weeks for $120

Payment: Cash, cheque, credit, or e-transfer. Email me at for more details.