I feel like there's this big stigma when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle that it should be hard to achieve or something. This always makes me shake my head in despair. Because anyone who's living a relatively healthy lifestyle knows that its not hard. In fact, it should be really easy. I think sometimes people put too much pressure on themselves, building Health up to be something unattainable or out of reach. Nonsense. So, in an attempt to simplify Health, here are 3 of my greatest tips to living a healthier life:

1. Stay calm. We are all subject to stress every once in a while.  Everyone is. 43% of people suffer adverse health effects from stress. But chronic stress can take a toll on the body and mind in more ways than one. Simple breathing techniques, meditation, and mindful living can greatly decrease your stress levels. Try closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in for 5 counts, exhale for 8 counts. Repeat this 5x or as long as you need until you feel better. Simple, yet so powerful.

2. Drink lots of water. Most people don't drink enough water. Yet water is one of the easiest + simplest things you can consume to better your health. Water helps to flush toxins from your body, hydrates your brain cells, generates energy, aids digestion, lubricates skin and tissues, and so much more! A couple tricks I have for drinking more water is- to drink water every time you think about drinking water. Also, try starting your day with a big glass of warm lemon water. Lastly, drinking copious amounts of herbal tea throughout your day is another great way of staying hydrating with the added flavour + health benefits of tea! Analyze how a plant looks before and after watering it, relate the same effects to your brain.

3. Eat well. Rather than avoiding unhealthy food and cutting junk foods out of your life, try simply adding in healthy foods instead. For example, add in more vegetables to your stir-fry, or have a side salad with your meal. If you you're still craving a piece of chocolate at the end, who cares? You only live once. Cutting foods out of your diet idolizes + glorifies junk food and creates a greater desire to consume them. So instead, try eating more fruits + vegetables throughout your day. Usually, once your tummy is full, it will be a lot more satisfied and therefore less tempted to indulge. If you're still have a hard time eating healthy, try shopping healthy! Hint: you'll eat what you buy. Go grocery shopping at times when you feel inspired to be healthy like after a yoga class or the gym. Avoid buying shit food and you'll avoid eating shit food. You got this!!

I hope these 3 pieces of advice help to inspire you to live a healthier life. After all, health = happiness. You can't be your best until you feel your best. Everyone deserves to be really, really happy! Also, don't be so hard on yourself. Every meal/ snack is an opportunity to do better. But ultimately, your love and respect for yourself is far more than important than what you put in your body.