There is no such thing as a good day or a bad day. The sun will simply rise and all natural life will continue on its own way of survival. A squirrel cannot have a bad day. The biggest difference between a squirrel and a human is our ability to think, analyze, and then overthink everything haha. If you can control your thoughts, you'll never have a bad day. Of course, negative things might happen from time to time, but changing how you think about them can alter the way you feel throughout your day. So when people say, "i'm just having a bad day," they are allowing the mind to control the self and in return, they are allowing themselves to have a bad day. If you let the mind take over, it will. It is a strong beast, but i promise you, you are much much stronger. And when it gets on a happy cycle, it tends to stay there. When it finds itself on a negative stream, it tends to dig deeper. Don't let it. This is one of the best things meditation teaches you. Observe. Then react. If you miss the step of observing what has happened, you have no control over the reaction you will have towards it. Doesn't that seem silly? I'm guilty of this sometimes, too. In fact, that's what inspired this post for me. As it usually does, wisdom, for me, comes from learning the hard way and making mistakes. So when all is peachy in the world of @bohemian_warrior , i have no wisdom to give. So this morning, i was making this beautiful smoothie and we had no juice, so instead, i was using water and apple sauce. To get the apple sauce out of the jar easier, i poured the water into the jar first, and then into the blender. Well, i sorta poured it all over the counter instead and while this may not normally bother me, it did. And then i found myself saying the dreadful words, "ug i am not having a good day." It dawned on me how ridiculous the whole situation was. So what, i made a little mess and suddenly my whole is going to be bad? That doesn't seem fair. It seems pretty f-ing stupid if you ask me. The lesson from this? Shit happens. It's not the shit that happens to you that defines whether or not you're a happy person. It's the mindset you have when that shit is happening. In other words, be grateful. Rather than getting upset about the apple sauce on the counter, let's be grateful that we have counters, and kitchens, and blenders, and clean water, and apple sauce. That's a lot to be grateful for right there. And if you read this all the way to the bottom, i am grateful for you. Today is perfect. It might be messy, but it's perfect. Let's go have a good day.

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