Most people understand that what you put in your mouth affects your health, but not so many people consider that you what you put on your skin, lips, and hair also affects your health. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs approximately 60% of what you put on it. That's a lot. Most people also don't consider that your everyday products contain shit loads of chemicals that also get absorbed into your skin... Yuck! According to an EWG survey, an average woman uses 12 personal care products each day, exposing herself to about 168 chemicals before even walking out the front door. These chemicals are bad for your health and bad for the environment. For more information about the common chemicals found in your everyday products, click here.  Like food, you can't always trust the title of products. In other words, just because it says 'organic' or 'all natural' does not mean it is safe to put on your skin. Just like food, you need to read the ingredients on your personal care products to find out what's actually in them.  Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides an amazing database where you can learn about the toxicity of your hygiene products. And men, don't think you're off the hook either; it's not just makeup, hairspray, and perfume that are loaded with toxic chemicals, they're in everything! Shampoos, soaps, body washes, shaving cream, conditioners, deodorants, dish soap, and so much more... unfortunately. The good news is that you do make a difference. Every time you go to the grocery and drug store, you're essentially casting a vote for what you'd like to see more of in that store. If you continue to buy healthier, chemical-free personal care products, more options will appear over time. My favourite company is Rocky Mountain Soap located in Canmore and Banff, AB. They ship everywhere in Canada and have the best products that are chemical free and work wonders on your skin and hair. I have yet to find a product that I don't like. If you don't live in Canada, don't worry- there are plenty of safe options all over the world, just look them up first. Watch this cute little video to learn more about the cosmetic industry. Happy sudsing! :)