An avocado a day keeps the cravings away. I don't usually write about stuff like dieting and weight loss for a few reasons. One. I believe it's FAR more important to be happy with who you are and to love yourself than it is to be thin. I can't stress this enough. Two. I don't want to promote weight loss because I believe you are perfect already. Three. I think it's more important to focus on how your body feels rather than how it looks. What can your body do for you?

That being said, the weight loss industry seems to have most people hypnotized believing that fats make you fat. But, who listens to those assholes anyway? Think about it this way. The weight loss industry gives zero fucks about your health. In fact, the less successful you are at losing weight, the better it is for them; they still have one more client. Your body needs healthy fats to thrive. Somewhere around 10% of your diet should consist of non-hydorgenated, non-refined fats like avocados, cold-pressed extra virgin oils, and nuts. But even more important than that is, try listening to your body. Next time you get a craving for something, rather than feeling guilty or getting upset about it, try to listen to what your body is actually craving. Are you craving chips? Chances are you're not getting enough good salt (non-refined, non-processed, non-bleached sea salt). Are you craving chocolate or candy? Odds are you're not getting enough HEALTHY fats. This is why it's important to make sure you're not listening to the diet industry, but you're listening to your body instead. You know you best. You always have.

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