Okay, I'll admit it, the name doesn't sound so tempting at first. Not gonna lie, I don't have any fancy recipe to make your smoothie taste like a peach crumble, but what I can tell you might be even more valuable than giving you the recipe to a buy-a-bunch-of-random-shit-and-only-make-it-once smoothie. Introducing.... THE COMPOST SMOOTHIE! Also known as the scrounge smoothie, the whatever's-in-the-fridge smoothie, or the should-be-good smoothie. Benefits of the compost smoothie include, but are not limited to, being able to make a smoothie everyday, never having a clue what your smoothie is going to taste like prior to consumption, using up all the close-to-being-rotten shit in your fridge, wasting less, therefore saving money, and so much more. Here's a little breakdown of what I put into my smoothie every day. 

  • Frozen fruit... frozen edamame beans are great too (honestly). If all else fails, just use ice!
  • Fruit; bananas are definitely ideal in a smoothie, but it's not life or death. Apples, pears, and mangoes are good too.
  • Leafy goodness; kale, spinach, arugula, lettuce, carrot tops, beet tops, you name it. Throw that shit in, and get your greens!
  • Vegetables; celery, carrots, beets, avocado, and cucumber are my favourite but you can almost put anything in.
  • Herbs; fresh parsley, basil, and cilantro add nice flavour and are also really good for you.
  • Spices; ginger and cinnamon are awesome in smoothies and sooo healthy!
  • Superfoods; maca root powder, chia seeds, hemp hearts, goji berries, dandelion root, spirulina, cacao nibs
  • Fluids; Water's all you need, but I also like to add aloe vera juice (no added sugar), coconut water, and a splash of orange juice (no added sugar).

So hopefully this inspires you to get creative with your blender. Find out the hard way what works and what doesn't and go from there. Smoothies are a great way to help you pound out your 8-12 fruits + vegetables each day. You'll be well on your way to living a healthy lifestyle. Have the best day ever!!

Peace + love.