I just spent a week in beautiful Santorini teaching a yoga retreat. Literally, a dream come true from me. But, it hasn't always been this way. I have struggled a lot in this department over the last couple years. It has taken me years to grow the balls to finally turn my dreams into reality. And it didn't happen overnight and I would love to say that I no longer doubt myself, but that's not the truth either. I do still doubt myself, but I know better than to listen to those condescending voices in my head now. I know that failure isn't the end of the world anymore. Dreams really do come true. But it all starts and ends with you. I wanted to share my tips for making your dreams come true because nothing lights me up more than you seeing you rock the shit out of your life. A couple tips I have for making your dreams become a reality are as follows:

1. Recognize inspiration and act on it as soon as you can. Know the difference because inspiration bubbles up from within you and gives you great energy. It excites you. This is your calling! Get on it!
2. Believe in yourself. Like... hellooooo, you're fucking awesome, okay? Now believe in yourself because you can do anything you want. 
3. Stay positive. You will likely "fail" at some point.  I use the term fail lightly because the only true failure is giving up. You're not always going to be successful in everything you do, but I bet your ass you'll learn a lot along the way. And that's the important part. Be open to learning.
4. Mind your language. Clearly, I don't mean swearing haha. I mean, pay attention to how you talk about your dreams and goals. Are you using language that supports and encourages your growth? Or are you constantly undermining yourself either seriously or sarcastically. Sayings like, "I'd love to (insert goal), BUT (insert excuse)" should be removed from your vocabulary as soon as possible. Don't focus on the obstacle, focus on the goal.
5. Start today. Trust me, in one year today, you'll be so thankful you did. Dream big, but start small.

I love you guys. I hope this helps you or motivates you to tackle your wildest wishes. Feel free to email me if you need anything help with this: info@jessicapyper.com

Have the best day ever and make sure to follow through on your heart's desires, because if you don't, who else will?

xo Jessica